Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Truth, Lies And Afghanistan |

Truth, Lies And Afghanistan | Before It's News

American troops only have loser ribbons on their tunics and they will fail, again, should they go to War with Iran. The Americans have not won a War since the American Civil War and they only won that one because Americans were on both sides. It took a false flag to start that War going, too.
America has lost in Afghanistan, Iraq,Somalia, Viet Nam, Korea (still at war). Yes they did win in the Pacific,against the Japanese. That was in a partnership of WW2, as was WW1. So a dodgy police action in Grenada and the Civil War.
So to Iran. America and Israel will never beat Iran. The country is too big to control and the Iranian Forces have gone through a ten year War with Iraq, in the living memories of many still serving. america will not put boots on the ground. They will sit, off shore, and launch in loads of cruise missiles at many known targets. Then the B2 bombers will fly in from Diego Garcia with bunker busters to hit the nuclear facilities. Israel, by this time, will have been flattened in the first few Iranian missile attacks. Having restricted Iran's nuclear capability and having had Israel reduced to rubble, by Iran, America is in a nice financial position should they get an immediate ceasefire. The War can go on hold, just like Korea.
Israel will need to borrow money and come back to heel from trying to get into the lap. Munitions and whatever toys were destroyed, in air crashes, will have to be replaced, thus boosting a flagging economy. So just enough War to wreck Israel and then back to business as usual.

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