Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exclusive: A4e and a £200m back-to-work scandal

Exclusive: A4e and a £200m back-to-work scandal - Crime - UK - The Independent

There are an awful lot of these firms, jumping on the bandwagon, sub contracting to find people work. They force claimants to take slave labour jobs,working normal hours for up to 10 or 12 weeks. They must take the job, of suffer a reduction in benefits, which for a single man/woman can be £60 per week!! All the person gets is an extra £10 per week and travelling expenses. which the don't even send out to them!! The person must travel, to a separate office, to claim and collect, once a week.!!
Firms, get these 'slaves,' to work for free and offer no hope of a permanent job. At the end of their 'sentence' they just sack them and get another crew to fill shelves, unload containers and other crap work. The beauty is, of course, that while people are on these slave schemes, they are not classed as unemployed and so the figures look good..
I am glad to see that Tesco and Burger King are pulling out and will pay a fair rate of pay.
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