Monday, February 06, 2012

Glasgow Rangers FC

Well Craig Whyte is in the spotlight again courtesy of the BBC in Scotland.  He was, apparently, banned from being a Director of any Company for a period of Seven Years. However, it appears that he ignored this order and carried on being a Director of some Companies. He plays the 'I don't remember' card saying that it was just a technicality some 17 years ago.
He was taken to Court by a roofing firm for some £92K of unpaid work on a house that he owned, as a company, with his wife. Both were Directors. He was also a named Director of ReTtex plastics which tried to move money out of reach of creditors.
Rangers still have a huge tax bill of some £50 million, that the Revenue can't seem to make their mind up whether to issue for collection or not.There is another tax case currently be sorted out regarding off shore payments to players. They bought no player in the recent transfer window, indeed they sold one of their star players.!!
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