Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fractures in the Truth Movement,

Fractures in the Truth Movement, Part 4: Tabloids and the Alternative Press | War On You: Breaking Alternative News

Henry Makow invented the board game Scruples and made a lot of money. Whether that all clouded his judgement or he lost his scouples, who knows. But in these quiet news times, there is nothing like a good argument and slanging match to fill up internet columns.
Story so far..... henry submitted stuff to Jeff Rense who spiked it. Henry got very upset and the handbags at dawn official War was declared. Now it is Rense's site, so he is entitled to put up whatever he wants, just as I am on mine, as Drocton, who lept to Rense's defence, does on his site, as long as it is anti Mormon, of course.
The fight continued. Now here is some comment from another sniper on the high ground. This stushie should run for a few months yet.
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