Saturday, April 14, 2012

His Dad is a Mason entry.

I posted a piece about a claim made that the American kid's dad,  was a mason.   A commenter has posted so what is my point?    Well............

I plagiarise, all over the web, to bring stories and articles to this site. I try to pick off the main stream stuff and silly things like this one.
The Masonic linking article was one of the infamous fill space items which are flung in, by the media, when facts are lacking. They keep the pot boiling as it were and place one group against the other. A sales gimmick.
There is no point to it. The article was just stupid, as if a freemason should not call for call for help, just as any other person would do. It was a smear space filler.
My point was to show how stupid some media think that we are to swallow that one. Just like one of Goldman Sachs' muppets, we the readers are suppose to believe that because Dad is a Mason, that some conspiracy is immediately in place to 'get' Bob Dylan. As if they would???.
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