Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chips with everything

So both G.W.Bush and V.P.Cheney are fitted with their new programs for the next few years! Polyps I don't think so. At last Cheney's peeps actually said he was going in for a new battery!
But how far will this chip business go?? It is NOW quite possible to "chip" a new born baby with a chip holding information on the parents, bloodgroups, names, addresses,phone numbers and the whereabouts of the child at any time. The main reason stated could be to avoid any abduction threat. All very noble but will the chip be taken out later and when will "later" be?
When the child can walk? talk? Write? Work out differential equations? Or will we just keep it in!
With every baby "chipped" for life any criminal suspect could be found by GPS after his/her DNA was checked via the Data Base. If a transplant was needed then a full match could be found and tracked down. You can think of many ways, I am sure, of how a "chip" could be a wonderful thing and a terrible thing too. Would privacy disappear or indeed, has it disappeared already!
The ultimate chip would be a self distruct one! Oh! if you got into power you could perm in all the things that you hate about certain groups and exterminate them!
Everything else has a chip (s). Your alarm clock, Microwave, Car, mobile phone and even your watch so why not babies too! I put it to you that chips are very helpful but keep them in machines please and not inside me!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Reaper

So the Grim Reaper is going to the Middle East war zones with the operators sitting in Las Vegas doing their shift of killing,bombing and maiming followed by diner and a show with a little craps afterwards! In general, they can work on their tan, without fear of snipers, unless, of course, they are involved with married women! Then a Reaper pilot may have problems.
I can just see their regiment badge. Two dice, a crap table and a long cool screwdriver!
Still the money saved in "war zone" pay will help a lot. Well you cannot expect danger money if you are sitting in Las Vegas now can you? The money saved on R and R and on the flight transportation costs of flying personel to and fro will be huge.
You can just see the young pilots awaiting their asignments saying, "am I going to a War Zone,Sir?" The reply being, "Nope, your going to Vegas!!!!" "Would every third weekend off suit you okay?"
No doubt, the Predator will be sold on to local law enforcement so that they can quitely cruise the skys over you town or city and see everything via their infrared. Police car chases will be a thing of the past as if you do a runner they will just call in a Predetor and "shoot" you off the road! This will be much safer for the police officers and they will need far fewer repairs to the police vehicles which they now use to ram runaway drivers.
What a wonderful world. "Pass the chips, dear, Predator channel is on now."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Do we still need cash?

I work at home with my income being paid directly to my bank. Obviously I have a computer and I have a credit card. So do I ever have to actually leave home??
The bank takes care of my Mortgage Payment, Insurances, Internet Charges and sends money to my savings account every month by direct debit from my current account. Even my TV license is paid by direct debit. That is the fiscal side and now the fun side!
I can order by computer my groceries and beer supply from the supermarket and it is delivered to my door on a day and at a time suitable to me with no hassles. How many times do you get to the checkout and the peeps in front never seem to have their money, their cheque book/credit card handy? Then there is the packing of those bags which you cannot get open anyway!
Should I need bigger items like a new bed matress I can search availability and price on the net. I can then order and pay for it and await delivery. These days most companies will phone you or e.mail you prior to iminent delivery if your item is on a waiting list. No driving arround in traffic and the fun of finding a parking space. Just find it,order it and pay it!
With this click, click system you can move from supplier to supplier and order from the one that suits your requirements with a cold beer in your hand!
But is it all becoming just too easy to spend money which you don't see?
If you have to go to the bank and withdraw money and then travel to find a store which you must then trawl round and decide. Then you must find a salesperson and delivery is outrageous or the colour is out of stock and you wonder "why did I leave home?" But you buy it anyway because you have had enough for the day.Thinking about these things prior to a purchase may act as a safety valve and stop you spending your hard earned income.
So which is better? Trecking around in all weathers or sitting at home, I know which I like best!
Click! Click!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Talking on the Telephone

So who is listening to whom in Washington. Apparently everyone is listening to everyone else so who does any work? see who got it from who got it from who very likely got it on the phone!
It reminds me of the film "from Russia with Love" when Bond is told everyone follows everyone in the Balkans. We all spy on each other and follow each other around. Who wrote that story? Oh yes, Ian Fleming an ex MI5 officer during World War 2
I don't want to just plagerise and cut and paste in here. I want to comment and make peeps think a bit! I must also get typing lessons.
Digital phone secrets are totally impossible to keep hidden no matter how many encryption algorithims are flying about. There are phone systems now, which do simultaineous translations without the need of a human intermediary. So a loop is a loop. Who listens in the loop is the problem.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

twin towers aftermath

mr Rodriguz is doing a European tour to tell all who will listen and no doubt, pay to listen why he was lucky enough to be "the last man out of the North Tower." Buried in rubble after heroically going into the building to unlock exit doors(who locked them?) to let people out.
He claims that he heard an explosion in the basement of the building BEFORE the plane hit it!!
His evidence was given in a closed door session of the 9/11 commission. Is that the same as the Warren Commission or was that another plot?
Anyway this guy is going to orate in Totnes England. Where I hear you say? Totnes. This is the home of Dr. David Starbuck when he is not away investigating and digging up old fossils.
On the website they have adverts for momentous events current and coming soon.
You have a talk by David Shayler & Ann Machon (ex Mi 5 and/or Mi 6) advertised. Then there is one for Dr dick and the duck D.j.'s or some musical extravagance with a note on the bottom saying David Shayler could not make it but will come again soon. Hope he told Ann where he was that night as she is his girl friend! Anyway, I thought that there were arrest warrants for him in the U.k.
Then there is Mr. Rodrigueses event. Which ones are the serious ones??I hope his people don't see his forward advertising as they will be contacting Totneses people to tell them to "get stuffed!" if the do see it.
Apropo the twin towers there is now footage or should I say frameage on the web showing "pods" attacked to the planes which hit the twin towers. Many eyewitnesses have stated that the planes had no windows. Where they remoe control flying tankers by any chance and if so whos??? The late great joe vialls explained it better than I can on his website but to sumerise he submits that Boeing aircraft of a certain age onwards have been fitted with the capability of being "flown" remotely if hi jacked. Lufthansa, the German flag carrier, got wind of this and it is on the web the the Luwaff ripped it out and put in their own version.
A strange helicopter, which no one can account for, can be seen very briefly in the area of the towers and a Hercules C-130 of the National Guard was in the area of the pentagon.
Can a cruise missile be launched from a Hercules? Just lower the ramp pull pin and off it pops.
Witnesses have said that the size of the flying object which hit the pentegon was the size of a commuter plane capable of carrying 12 to 20 people. A far cry, size wise, from a Boeing but a cruise missile is just about the same size!!!
So here we have it. Back to the simple things size matters,honest chaps! The hole just was NOT big enough to take the projectile!!!
Bin Liner Airlines or whatever the name of the company (s) which flew round America and from America to France in the days following 9/11, ferrying the family home or at least, out of USA, despite all flights being grounded, has turned out to be one with mob connections. see for a super expose. His cocaine flights info is a good read too by the way.

wag the dog & othe muses

So I hope that we have all seen wag the dog, a film starring the little guy with the glasses and the elevator shoes and the other fellow.
Well was there another version some years ago "done" by Stanley Kubrik. Did he really do the Moon landing film? His wife thinks he did but he died recently so we can't ask him! Another case of the simple things that show up the fraud.
A fluttering flag on a planet which has no wind. All those differing Sun angles ad infinitum. Certainly not one of Stan's best ventures to say the least. It was said at the time that as the first manned flight went from the visible side of the Moon to the Dark Side there was a transmission saying," yes, they are here!"
So, assuming that Pink Floyd were not on tour, he must have reported on an alien base there on the dark side. Does this enhance the position taken up by the male and female photo-intel technicians who are currently putting out on the web that many photos were treated to an airbrush before they were released by NASA. The airbrush may have more uses than "the losing of a few pounds/inches" from pictures of some models after all.
Who would think that a Government would fake pictures??
I always thought that was for the Press to do. Remember the famous World War 2 Time magazine photo of three marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima? A fake.
It was posed for some 3/4 days later!
In more modern times a British reporter was chastised for taking an old teddy and kiddies toys in his kit bag. That teddy was the most photographed teddy ever seen. Every bomb crater and every demolished house had the teddy there!
Another reporter "job" was the placing of a bunch of flowers at a bad accident scene. Guess which was the best picture the next day? Say it with flowers?
Let us face it unless you see it with your own eyes can you believe anything written and/or photographed in this whole wide world?
So Turkey have seen their chance to "gobble up" their enemies in the Kurdish region which straddles the border between Iraq and Turkey. The septic tanks are to busy buying carpets to send home to MOM and so they don't care. Turkey did give USA overfly permission so I suppose that they are due a favour. But don't the Kurds have a say??
Saddam did not like them and the Turkish Government don't like them. They have no allies so they do not matter. If I was a Kurd living in Northern Iraq I would be wheying anchor,moving to London to open a kebab shop with a mini cab business upstairs in the spare room.
So Posh and Becks have hit LaLa land! First thing golden balls says is "football." Sorry David you corrected quickly but really a big booby. Still at least you hve one to your credit, a booby that is. Cause posh sure don't have any. But I digress.
That non famous spokesperson for or against global warming David Rothschild says that Saturn and Jupiter are nearer to the Sun than the Earth and they are hence melting faster.
Queen will now sing Gallileo Gallileo. Well Capernicous is hard to work in to the song.
These two planets have masses of gasses one of which is methane. Now you may have been downwind of the odd cow now and again so you can recognise methane. But there is loads of it trapped in the frozen tundras of the Artic and Northern Canada. As our ice is melting so this methane is released. The same thing is happening on Jupiter and Saturn.
The global warming crowd say that our planetary emissions from all types of technology are the cause of our ice melting. So if Jupiter and Saturn, both actually further away from the Sun than the Earth, have no technology and therefore no global warmiing then why is their ice melting quicker than ours?
Well it is the methane of course! There is more methane on our planet than any carbon dioxide which we can produce. Just think about all those animals which have died without going for a dump first!! All that methane! Hold your noses we are going down or is it up? What do you say David?
Interesting name Rothschild. The Rockerfellas and the Roths kinder have been trying to take over the world on their own with neither really winning. Scoring points yes but winning nope.
Each level of both families have fought a financial war over the centuries for world domination.
Through inter marriages both families have amassed billions of dollars each. Will Romeo and Juliet come to pass and end this feud. No chance.


July 2007
So here it is the blog that you have all been waiting for,searching for and yearning for! Well you might like it or you may not as you please.
All posts herein are the thoughts of Paddy Fields as he trawls the web and just must have his say!! So here we go.
Surly most people have heard the Andy Warhol quote about 15 minutes of fame or have they?
It is being put about that the bombers involved in the London bombings were told that they were actors in a film/documentary or some such extravaganza and were to be paid to go on certain trains, be in certain places , carry rucksacks and go onto buses and undergrounds.
It was to be a fly on the wall type "film" with no big entourage,camera crews,makeup,etc. Just a film showing how it could be don they were told. This has "patsy" written all over it.
When you sit back and give it a minute it just could be true. Young, mainly, muslim kids in fairly sheltered family/religious living circles could be impressionable enough to swallow this line.
They would be told that they could defend their faith,race and help save lives by appearing in the cautionary tale of the "how it could be done" gendre.
Let's face it, if you were going to kill yourself to day would you buy RETURN tickets on the railway to go home after you were finished.
The train timetable was altered on the day of the bombing in London and the "bombers" could not have caught it as they did on the dry run previously.
Let us see the CCTV footage of the same area and route taken in the 2/3 weeks prior to the London bombing and see who shows up with handheld video cams wearing MI5 tee shirts!!
The simplest mistake (s) really mess up the plot don't they just!!