Saturday, April 21, 2018

Back to writing

I have been quiet on the writing side on this blog for a while now,just posting videos. This has been due to health hassles and depression over these hassles. Well I am an old fart!!!
But hey what the hell I am gonna make a comeback  Apologies for the typos,in advance, as my fingers are all bent like a monkey puzzle tree.
Over the past year or so I have began to follow Brendon O'Connell. Man that guy has been through the wringer and then some!! BUT  he has stuck to his guns,never given up, kept on going pushing that Israel is a huge plagiarist of and designator of everything.
Why did America send the new F35  to Israel,who immediately allowed Russian Jewish scientists to crawl all over it?  I mean the Chinese had already stole the plans and copied it!! Did they do it as a double bluff because it truly is a lemon, as I and many others have said??
Did you also know that every INTEL chip has an embedded control minichip which can send everything that the main chip is doing?  So all Government computers are also broadcasters!!!
This has been part of the Israeli Talpiot plan.

More later   Peace
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