Monday, November 13, 2017

SWAT team enters Tropicana after Las Vegas Strip shooting (Video)

SWAT team enters Tropicana after Las Vegas Strip shooting (Video)

the guy,holding a big bag of cash??.and his grey eminence bodyguard escorted in the Tropicana. I assume assume that it was known that the Saudi prince was in town and as he owns the 4 seasons where else would he stay but in the top floors of the Mandalay which the 4 seasons have on rental. Just underneath floor 32.

This prince has just been nominated the successor to the King and is a liberal. The old guard did not like the fact that the King's brother had been bumped out of position.They could easily afford to pay for his killing to return to status quo.

The Plot......idiot patsy Paddock was well known as an 'official'gun runner. Who better to get guns near the top of Mandalay?? Firing from his room into concert would divert police to that area and police choppers would cover the bad guys exit Paddock was disposable anyway.

The chopper company is part owned by another chopper company owned/partly owned by VP Mike Pense strangely enough!! Would USA prefer old or new Saudi regime in a few years?

They fluffed it all by not checking if the new Saudi guy was at home in the Mandalay after picking up guns from Paddock,killing him and starting to fire on the crowd
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