Monday, July 03, 2017

Underground bases and communications

Why are people so shocked about underground bases and the obvious railways joining A to B? To me, it was the obvious way to go, not for space invaders, but to have the ability to move  folk and stuff in relative secrecy.
Look at WW 2. Germany got bogged down in a two front war. The bombing of one crucial bridge or a few bridges, over one river, caused materials to be backed up waiting to move over long distances in diversion. Selective bombing of factories caused delays as did busting up railways. All of this was above ground.The devastation in Japan showed that the new nuke weapons could flatten huge areas and reduce anything,,built above ground, to rubble.
The 'should we have gone onward to Russia' debate led to the Cold War which, as it has turned out, was mainly faked.The whole period was a time of organised growth and stability, like a board game.
When better , in a period of agreed peace, to rebuild,not  above ground but underneath.
Russia being the bogeyman was cited as one side of the next WW 3. Vladyvostok was across the Aleutin Straits from Alaska and Canada. Russia could overrun Europe fairly easily and there you had it a two front war for both Russia and America. Moving stuff yet again was the big problem.
If both sides still doubted 'going underground' let us look at American adventures in South East Asia. The North Vietnamese army had miles of tunnels right under American noses which were serviceable year round. Above ground vegetation and monsoon rains made main roads impassible. All of the American aircraft were useless, except for the B 52 carpet bombing of set areas which caused some problems for the VC by luck rather than skill..
It has recently been discovered that ancient tunnel systems run under Scotland across Europe and down to Turkey. What did out ancestors know? Where they the ones hiding from space invaders??
Underground movement is so obvious to me. Look at the number of cities which have people moving systems underneath their  streets. Moscow, New York London and Glasgow, to name a few.
At the beginnings of these systems it was surely realised that the people carriers could move soldiers and ammo,safely,underground. So,if that was 150 years ago or more,why are people so surprised about underground travel from hub to hub, interconnecting with abovegound and underground centres
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