Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Grenville flats,London

I have sat back and watched info filtering out regarding this tower block fire. Good job there was no jet fuel LOL. The tower did not nor has it since fallen down. I watched live feeds on that night.
Very quickly it was announced that a fridge caught fire on floor 4.That is an electrical fire due to faulty wiring of some kind. Was the fridge faulty? Or had someone.put bare wires in a socket? You cannot throw water on an electrical fire. You need foam or get it covered to starve oxygen from fire. The mains boxes should be turned of,,immediately.The flat renter appeared and said that he ran out and chapped up his neighbours. He did not hide and was found quickly.
As far as I know the floors and roofs, of each floor, is a concrete raft. Each unit is then divided by dry walling from each other unit with breeze block at the outer ends of the floors. A stack upon a stack upon a stack.
How did the ire move so quickly?? There must be an enquiry..
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